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Gospel Renewal

March 11, 2018 Speaker: Dennis Hermerding Series: The Church At Philippi: Pursuing Joy

Passage: Philippians 4:2–4:9

  1. What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?

  2. What causes division in our community? In the Church?
  3. How does the gospel lead us into renewing relationships?
  4. What is the key Paul gives his readers here for rejoicing always?
  5. The word worry means "to strangle". How does being anxious strangle us?
  6. Why is prayer such a powerful antidote to worry? What are the three ways Paul teaches us to pray?
  7. Why does Paul stress us being renewed in our thinking? What are the two things he emphasizes? Why are those things both so important?
  8. What changes do you put in place in light of what Paul teaches us here? 

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